Cloud IT Canada Inc. (CLOUDIT) Acceptable Use Policy


Please read carefully before accessing and/or using the CLOUDIT Web site and/or before opening an account with CLOUDIT. By accessing, using this Web site or opening an account for CLOUDIT services, you (users accessing this Web site and/or account holders) acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by this agreement (including modifications), and will comply with all applicable laws. You also represent and warrant that you have full power and authority to execute this agreement and to perform the obligations herein.

(For purposes of this Agreement, “You”, “users”, and “account holders” are used interchangeably, and where applicable).


Acceptable Use Policy ( “Policy” )


1 Investigations and Responsive Actions

1.a. You acknowledge that CLOUDIT reserves the right to investigate suspected violations of this Policy. When CLOUDIT becomes aware of possible violations, CLOUDIT may initiate an investigation which may include gathering information from the account holder(s) involved and the complaining party, if any, and examination of any and all material on CLOUDIT’S Servers.

1.b. During an investigation, CLOUDIT may suspend the account(s) involved and/or remove the material involved from its servers.

1.c. If CLOUDIT believes, in its sole discretion, that a violation of this Policy has occurred, it may take responsive action. Such action may include, but is not limited to, temporary or permanent removal of material from CLOUDIT’S servers, the cancellation of newsgroup posts, warnings to the account holder(s) responsible, and the suspension or termination of the account or accounts responsible.

1.d. CLOUDIT, in its sole discretion, will determine what action will be taken in response to a violation on a case-by-case basis. Violations of this Policy may also subject the account holder(s) to criminal or civil liability.

2 You are responsible for Your account 

2.a. You agree that You are responsible for use of Your account, with or without Your consent of use.

3 Storage, Distribution and Transmission of Illegal and Prohibited Material 

3.a. While using CLOUDIT Services, You are prohibited from and agree not to store, distribute or transmit any text, images, data, programs, etc. (“Material”) that are illegal. Examples of illegal Material include, but are not limited to, Material that is threatening coercive and/or harassing in nature, Material containing child pornography, and copyrighted, trademarked or other proprietary Material used without proper authorization. The account holder may not post, upload or otherwise distribute copyrighted, trademarked and or patented Material (Intellectual Property) on CLOUDIT’S servers without the consent of the owner of the Intellectual Property.

3.b. The storage, distribution, or transmission of illegal Material may subject the account holder(s) to criminal as well as civil liability, in addition to the actions outlined in this Policy.

3.c. You are strictly prohibited and agree not store or distribute certain other types of Material on CLOUDIT’S servers. Examples of prohibited Material include, but are not limited to, programs containing viruses or Trojans and tools to compromise the security of other sites.

3.d. You are strictly prohibited from utilizing CLOUDIT services to send mass unsolicited e-mail (SPAM) to third parties. Provided, however, that You may use software programs or services to send unsolicited commercial e-mail so long as You ensure that such transmissions comply with all applicable federal and international regulations, rules and laws, including, without limitation, the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) of 2014.

4 System and Network Security 

4.a. You agree not to attempt to circumvent user authentication or security, of any host, network, or account on the CLOUDIT network or the Internet itself. Example of these tools include but are not limited to cracking utilities, port scanning utilities, D.O.S attack programs, or password guessing programs.

4.b. You agree not to attempt to seek information on, obtain copies of or modify files of other data or passwords belonging to other users without permission.

4.c. If the account violates this Policy, CLOUDIT may publish an account holder’s account information, to the maximum extent allowed by law, to a publicly accessible list/location, which will allow other Internet Service Providers to identify account holder(s) that abuse Internet privileges.

5 System Resource and Utilization 

5.a. CLOUDIT will use all commercially reasonable efforts to allocate system resources. As part of resource allocation, CLOUDIT may limit, restrict or prioritize access to system resources, including CPU time, memory, disk space, session length, and number of sessions.

5.b. CLOUDIT reserves the right to institute services and fees for account holders who are interested in accessing system resources above and beyond acceptable usage.

6 System Abuse 

6.a. System abuse is defined as any use of CLOUDIT resources which disrupts the normal use of the system or Internet services for others. Examples of system abuse include, but are not limited to, attempting to disrupt the sessions of other Internet users, consuming excessive amounts of CPU time, memory or disk space, or otherwise affecting the performance of CLOUDIT servers.

6.b. CLOUDIT will log instances of abuse or unusual use of system resources, including but not limited to those stated herein, and take action as outlined in this Policy.

7 Passwords

7.a. You agree to assume all risks and liability for sharing Your account password with others or allowing use of Your account by others.

7.b. You are responsible for Your account and the security of Your password. Secure passwords are a minimum of _____ characters long, contain letters of mixed case and non-letter characters, and cannot be found in whole or in part, in normal or reverse order, in any dictionary of words or names in any language. You are responsible for changing Your password regularly.

7.c. CLOUDIT staff may monitor the security of your passwords at any time. If You have an insecure password, You may be directed to change the password to one that complies with the above rules. If You repeatedly choose insecure passwords, You may be assigned a password by CLOUDIT. Continued failure to maintain password security may be grounds for account termination.

8 Web Content within Domain

8.a. You agree that You are solely responsible for the content of Your Web Pages.

8.b. You are prohibited from and agree not to have pornographic and illegal Material present on your Web Page on CLOUDIT Domain. Any pornographic and illegal Material present on Web Pages are strictly prohibited and will be removed upon detection. At the sole discretion of CLOUDIT, one warning will be sent to the account holder. If pornographic and/or illegal Material is found again, the account will be terminated and cancelled without further notice and the Personal Web Page will be permanently removed. No refunds or exchanges are offered, and there are no exceptions to the above.

8.c. CLOUDIT reserves the right to remove any Web Page on CLOUDIT’S servers, at any time and for any reason.

8.d. CLOUDIT will investigate complaints regarding inappropriate Material on Web Pages within the CLOUDIT domain and may, in its sole discretion, require that the Material be removed or take action as outlined in this Policy. Criteria for determining whether a page is inappropriate include, but are not limited to, the system resources consumed by the page, copyright violations and applicable laws.

8.e. You agree not use World Wide Web pages within or outside the www.clouditcanada.comdomain to violate any part of these Guidelines, or to attempt to disrupt the pages or Internet experiences of other users.

9 Policy Violations and Enforcement

9.a. If an account holder is found to be in violation of this Policy the account holder will be issued a warning (via email, or phone). After a second violation, the user’s account will be locked and/or terminated permanently.

9.b. CLOUDIT reserves the right to terminate any account that is found to be in violation of this Agreement.

10 Domain Name Services – Additional Terms and Conditions

10.a. “Primary and/or secondary domain name services (DNS)” Product bundles which include primary and secondary domain name services (DNS) are limited to one (1) domain name. CLOUDIT Canada DNS servers will act as Primary and Secondary name server for the customer’s chosen domain name. Hosting of additional domain names will incur additional charges.