Cloud Servers Overview

Powered by OpenStack, the worlds leading open-source cloud operating system, Cloud I.T. Canada’s cloud servers offer the building blocks necessary for your business ecosystem. We offer a simple web service interface, which provides complete control of your resources in a proven computing environment. Whether you are interested in managing servers yourself or a managed cloud service solution, The Cloud I.T. Canada team can help achieve your cloud server goals and objectives.

Windows Cloud Servers

Windows Cloud Servers

Linux Cloud Servers

Linux Cloud Servers


Who doesn’t like freedom? Our cloud servers let your team scale accordingly, both up and down, without having to worry about hardware maintenance. Traditional servers require human capital and valuable time to launch, our OpenStack cloud operating system launches on demand in minutes. Interested in learning more? Contact Us


Cloud servers have changed the economics of computing, which allows IT departments and developers to pay for capacity that is used or scale down when necessary. Nobody likes paying for something they did not use, that is why we are here to help. Interested in learning more? Contact Us


Feel like resizing your cloud? It’s a piece of cake to vertically scale your Cloud I.T. Canada cloud servers by editing the amount of resources. Computing power, memory, hard drive space, we have you covered with the click of a button. Contact Us


Load balancing across multiple web server front ends can be executed easily with Cloud I.T. Canada’s templating feature. Create a matching front end Cloud Server node that can be used for load balancing. Clone and test, we don’t mind. Contact Us

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We have partnered with Trustifier to offer the most secure cloud server product on the market. Is your organization in the financial, insurance or healthcare sector? Or do you need an ultra secure, cloud storage solution? Our team can role out Trustifier Privatize servers to meet your needs.

  • Privatize Servers provably secure access to sensitive data and limit that access to authorized users
  • Privatize Servers ensure that users can only use the data and information for organization’s intended purposes.
  • Privatize Servers can create and maintain boundaries to protect against abuse during and after the access to sensitive data
  • Powered by Trustifier KSE authorization engine that enforces business rules in real- time, Privatize Servers can meet and exceed regulation mandates and compliances
  • Privatize Servers stop rogue staffers and planted spies, including evil system-administrators.
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  • I have used other hosting services for Wordpress sites. Generally they have been shared hosting, which can lead to slow load times and lack of scalability. Cloud I.T. Canada's dedicated Wordpress cloud hosting offers incredible speed and prepares my clients for high growth.

    - Drew Thachuk, Principal, Reverb Strategy, New Media Consulting and Digital Marketing