Corporate Website Hosting Overview

Online interaction is generally the first point of contact between organizations and their customers. Therefore it is imperative to have an online presence that offers a positive brand image and helps build brand equity. The Cloud I.T. Canada team can handle the availability and performance of your corporate website by providing a solution that eases the infrastructure load and helps manage your dynamic maintenance challenges with a flexible combination of hosting services.

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Our dedicated corporate website hosting solutions will provide a network which allows data isolation and high performance. Does your organization have strict performance or compliance requirements? The Cloud I.T. Canada team will work with you to create a hosting architecture that provides top performance and the uptime required for your business objectives. We are always here to help, answer any questions or provide guidance.  Our experience planning, managing and deploying corporate projects allows us to understand your needs and create a viable corporate website hosting solution.


Cloud gives you affordable flexibility and on-demand availability that scales with your traffic.



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  • I have used other hosting services for Wordpress sites. Generally they have been shared hosting, which can lead to slow load times and lack of scalability. Cloud I.T. Canada's dedicated Wordpress cloud hosting offers incredible speed and prepares my clients for high growth.

    - Drew Thachuk, Principal, Reverb Strategy, New Media Consulting and Digital Marketing