Desktop as a Service Overview

Convert any modern web browser into an HTML 5 Remote Desktop Client. Our Desktop as a Service product allows your team to access any application or desktop from anywhere, with any device. Cloud I.T. Canada will provide a full Remote Desktop Client experience that listens to the sound of the machine that plays on the remote machine in real time, mapping remote drives to easily exchange files between the remote machine. This allows access from a portable device and even printing form the remote host to the local device.

How it Works!

Cross Browser and Cross OS
  • Supports Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and other HTML5-based web browsers. IE8 and earlier versions may be enhanced with HTML5 features by the addition of the Chrome Frame plug-in.
Chromebook, Android and iOS ready
  • Can be used from any PC and almost any device. Users can take their Chromebook, Android tablet, iPad, iPhone and other smartphones to connect to their remote computers from anywhere and have access to all their programs, documents, files, and network resources
Access RDS/VDI/App-V platforms
  • Access to applications and desktops running on Remote Desktop Services (Windows Terminal Services). You can even remote into RDS / VDI platforms, such as session-based applications or virtual desktops.
Zero Client Setup
  • Pure-web solution and does not require Flash, Java, ActiveX, Silverlight or any other setup on the end-user side.
Secure entry point to LAN desktops
  • Enables secure, high-performance HTML5-based Remote Desktop Access to any PC on the local area network, through a single published IP address, using http(s) and WebSockets protocols.
Embed ThinRDP on your Web
  • Features an easy-to-use JavaScript SDK library that allows you to embed Windows Applications and Desktops to your own websites and applications.
Active Directory integration
  • Credentials can be integrated with an existing Active Directory, also with the possibility to set up a single-sign-on schema.
Manage Access Profiles
  • Define sets of accesses to desktops and Windows applications and assign to the Active Directory permissions, creating profiles that will fit to every end-user need.
Load Balancing capabilities
  • Supports three different Load Balancing architectures so that your environment can achieve optimal resource utilization, avoid overload and allow the system to operate properly in the event of failure of some of its components.
Support to multiple languages
  • Let us know your languages your interested in implementing and our sales team can help achieve your goals.
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