Scalable Cloud Apps Overview

Focus on your app not your infrastructure. Our team of experts will help customize a hybrid cloud by combining dedicated hardware, virtual servers, private cloud and Cloud I.T. Canada’s high performance public cloud. Need help migrating? No problem, we will architect, build and manage an environment that works. Do not worry about installing an OS, we provide installation and the tools necessary for building mobile apps.

Scalable Cloud Apps for all of your Needs. 

scalable cloud apps


Stay lean and do not let patching software or upgrading hardware take away from building a quality application Contact Us


Cloud I.T. Canada has a wide variety of hosting options. Therefore you can start small with a  pay-as-you go plan and then move into production when you product is market ready. Contact Us

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  • I have used other hosting services for Wordpress sites. Generally they have been shared hosting, which can lead to slow load times and lack of scalability. Cloud I.T. Canada's dedicated Wordpress cloud hosting offers incredible speed and prepares my clients for high growth.

    - Drew Thachuk, Principal, Reverb Strategy, New Media Consulting and Digital Marketing