Scottish Rite Case Study Overview

All of Canada constitutes a single Scottish Rite Jurisdiction. The term “Scottish Rite” is short form for “The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of Canada”. This project enabled SROC to consolidate all their information about donors, email lists, and those participating in events or campaigns. In addition, the integration of CiviCRM with their website allows individuals to make donations, become members, update their information, indicate their interests and download their tax receipts without needing assistance from a staff member. To make this possible, tens of thousands of contacts and many more donations were migrated from Donor Perfect and extensive configurations were made.


The Promise:

To enable a more effective and more automated management of the most common daily interactions with members, donors and other contacts. To enable to organization to better target its ongoing communications with various contacts.

The Challenge:

The migration of tens of thousands of contacts and all their donations, recorded in different ways over a period of almost 20 years, presented some interesting challenges. The adaptation of CiviCRM to manage automatic monthly donations with Moneris was also a rewarding challenge.

The CiviCRM Solution:

In this case, Cloud IT, already had extensive experience in the use of CiviCRM and recognized the extent to which this solution is very well tailored to the needs of an organisation like SROC. CiviCRM’s management of memberships, campaigns, and large numbers of individual donors are particularly well adapted to this case. Finally, the open source development of CiviCRM is focussed on use cases very similar to that of SROC. Upcoming improvements to the platform will surely be helpful to this organization.

Project Team:

The project was carried out in two phases, with different personnel for each phase. The team at Cloud IT that worked on the data migration was in particularly close contact with the individual at SROC who manages information about donors. Integration between CiviCRM and SROC’s website were largely carried out in communication with the Executive Director of the organization.

Key Functionality:

The ability to manage complex donor information, including data used for fundraising campaigns, was key to meeting the needs of this type of organization. The ability of SROC staff to export relevant data when needed was also important.

Modifications and Modules:

The most significant modifications were to enable CiviCRM to effectively manage monthly donations. It was also necessary to adapt CiviCRM to allow the creation of one receipt per year for monthly donations. Some custom computed fields were also created to better understand and track recent donors.

Hosting Requirements:

Cloud IT’s Cloud Server hosting is particualrly advantageous for promptly managing security updates at a reasonable cost to the client. The hosting environment is a virtual server with 1 gigabyte of RAM, running on a stable 64 bit version of CenOS.

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