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Scale to millions with Cloud I.T. Canada’s WordPress Hosting Solutions. Serving your WordPress site to one visitor is easy, serving to thousands at a time, involves some know-how. We specialize in determining your caching and load balancing needs to help you create a WordPress website that offers an amazing experience for your visitors. The Cloud I.T. Canada team offers a full featured solution that is highly optimized and provide simple scalability. Our WordPress experts will provide a hosting experience that is unparalleled and will suit the objectives of high-traffic WordPress sites.


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Wordpress Hosting


Nobody likes a slow website or blog, that is why we built our WordPress deployment optimization technology on Cloud I.T. Canada’s WordPress expertise. We offer the speedy load times you need without having to worry about lamp stacks, load balancing or caching.


Let’s face it, traffic spikes happen, especially with the emergence of social media and viral content. Cloud I.T. Canada handles your server resources and sudden changes in traffic to your sites. Our WordPress hosting packages are easily scalable and offer the infrastructure needed to scale up or scale down when necessary. You can worry about writing great content, while we provide great hosting.


Developers love to have full control, that is why we created a WordPress hosting solution that gives complete control your cloud environment. Our WordPress hosting services will allow your team to build sites quickly by having root access, API’s and cloud servers that deploy in seconds.


Simplicity is great! Set up your WordPress site and scale it accordingly. If your team is interested in adding multiple WordPress sites, you can install WordPress manually. Are you looking for something that is hassle free? Our team can provide managed cloud services that will meet all your needs and objectives.


Traditional hosting can be frustrating! Performance issues may arise from high traffic periods and your neighbours may be bogging down performance. Our WordPress hosting is cloud based and comes with very little to absolutely no frustrating performance issues that may arise from high traffic periods.


Potential to have millions of visitors per month? Do you have lofty goals for your WordPress site? Not to worry, we can add a dedicated server, which creates a hybrid cloud environment, so you never have to worry about hitting a wall with your WordPress hosting.

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  • I have used other hosting services for Wordpress sites. Generally they have been shared hosting, which can lead to slow load times and lack of scalability. Cloud I.T. Canada's dedicated Wordpress cloud hosting offers incredible speed and prepares my clients for high growth.

    - Drew Thachuk, Principal, Reverb Strategy, New Media Consulting and Digital Marketing